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Volume 1 of three . These CDs contain the cream of The Pychedelic issues from around 1966 to 69 and show what a wonderful area of music this was in the UK at that time. Many have the child's story theme that is very central to UK Psychedelia at that time. If you want to buy these tracks in original form you need a big wallet and the patience of a saint.


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Saw a post somewhere the other day about Peter Frampton's 'I'm In You' LP. It looked like he was wearing pajamas on the cover, which got me to thinking, 'Where have I seen Peter Frampton in pajamas before?'

Oh yes, the in-studio version of Humble Pie playing the Yardbirds 'For Your Love.'

Wonder if this was ever released?

Just connected a new turntable to my venerable Yamaha RX-V420 amp (via line output intoto AUX — an option offered by the turntable), have tested it and all is well — switched off the sub for this as there's a helluva lotta base in those old LPs. Will give it a thorough belting tomorrow (Sat 9:15pm here). But presently playing all six Johnny Horton LPs and other bits and pieces. Peeling paint, rattling windows. Rediscovered him today, while rummaging about.
Bass not base. Yike. Gotta read 'em properly before hitting 'send'. Plus the conundrum of 'intoto'. Latin? Rock band reference? Stuttering keyboard?
What is the "Child's story theme?"
Many English Psychedelic songs , have well known children's stories in their lyrics. In addition there are references to things that children in the UK enjoyed , certain sweet varieties, children's TV programs, nursery rhymes etc...Often these stories and images are distorted to give the feelings of a drugs trip featuring childhood nightmares.