What are Your Favourite Christmas Shows/Movies?


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My favourite of the cartoon variety is A Flintstone Christmas from 1977.
In terms of movies, The Family Stone is a fairly recent one I really like.

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One thar became a Christmas movie in our family, because as a kid it was always played around Christmas, was Going My Way. Not a Christmas movie, per se, but it wouldn't be Christmas for me without it. In particular, I remember my mom and I watching it together.



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We're all huge fans of "A Christmas Carol", in its many iterations. The version with George C. Scott as Scrooge being voted overwhelmingly by our family as #1.

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I like a few more recent ones as a change from the old classics

This starring a very young Hayden Panetierre.

Love at the Christmas Table.

It's where this comes from.
A track by a ficticious group on an album played on a prewar phonograph with a mica diaphragm with a steel needle at 78 rpm.

A Gift Wrapped Christmas

Can't find a proper trailer..

Dear Santa

I loved Nightmare before Christmas - watched that with the kids over and over.

I'll have to say though I didn't care for what Disneyland did with the Haunted Mansion and the 'Nightmare before Christmas' changes.
Bad Santa - been a tradition here for many a year. Usually we have a lot of people over and share a bottle of Old Grand Dad but this year it was family only. RIP John Ritter and Bernie Mac.



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Rudolph, Charlie Brown, several Christmas Carols interrupted by The Bishop’s Wife, Christmas in Connecticut,
A Night to Remember (someone has a crush on Barbara Stanwyck), The Muppet’s Christmas Carol plays on Christmas Eve, And Scrooge the Musical (with Finney and Guiness) on Christmas Day. And if we don’t go out - which we won’t this year - Ball of Fire (again with Stanwyck) on New Year’s Eve. Ball of Fire has nothing to do with New Year’s but it’s fun and I just like Barbara Stanwyck.