What CDP or DAC cured your itch to keep looking?

Those EAD DACs are still highly thought of for redbook. I came very close to buying a gold plated EAD-9000 before the Berkeley Alpha DAC landed here.
I’m very fond of mine. Only “vintage” DAC I’ve kept. It’s a good product.
Well, after saying I was fine with my setup, I decided I really needed a DAC that supported DSD and high-res files, but didn't want to lose the magic of the R-2R GDA-600...so I used a small bonus I got from work and bought a Denafrips Ares II.

(don't worry, the Adcom will stick around - I've got a near-field setup in my home office using a GCA-510 integrated and some holey-basket Corals, so that should play well - the Adcom will replace the Meridian Explorer I'm currently using)
And what do you think by now?