What to Retrofit a Magnavox Astro-Sonic 100 with?

Hi Havenites, I have an acquaintance that has acquired a 1965 Maxnovox Astro Sonic 100 console. His wife actually made the find and she loves the atheistic. The unit fires up, but is scratchy (the switches and pots need cleaning) and one channel cuts in and out at higher volume (I'm guessing a bad cap or more).

He's thinking of updating the electronics to something more modern, but wants the cost to be reasonable. I was thinking about some Schiit gear because I'm somewhat familiar with it, but I know there's much more out there. I'm curious what the collective wisdom of the Haven might suggest? I'm also curious about what you might suggest for a speaker upgrade as well? I'm pretty certain that it's really similar if not just like this one...



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class D amps like an allo volt would work. small footprint to easier to fit. sound great. easy on the pocket book. worth trying w existing speakers first.

check out photos in this thread re internals:

John Frum

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With a fairly pedestrian solid state console, I think replacing the electronics often makes the most sense.

I'm with Roger on the use of a Class D amp, and the retention of the original speakers (though the tweeter capacitors should be replaced).

I used a <$100 Yuan Jing TPA3116 amplifier with Bluetooth in a similar project and was fairly impressed.


Agree on using a small Class D or Class T amp.

Here is a discussion of several Class T and Class D amps: