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Lucy and Iwere just discussing the thought of a buorban and cigar lounge with the a vintage audio theme
A few of my neighbors that are bourbon, scotch and cigar Aficionados make similar comments. Then again I shouldn’t limit our group to just bourbon and scotch, as a Middleton’s Very Rare, or Barry Crocket are always welcome as well.

Perhaps “Top Shelf - a destination for fine Whisky, Cigars & Music”


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Hay ride IPA, rusty spoke red IPA, grand AVE stout, throwback IPA, along with an IPA 'we are just experimenting with'.

Grand Avenue Brewing company downtown Phoenix. Muddy Waters playing on their stereo. Liking it here so far!

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Not sure how I missed this but looks like good fun! We are pretty fortunate to have a large selection of breweries in the valley. A couple I’d like to try not far from there are Wren Brewers and PHX Beer Co. Closer to my side of town I’m eying Thorne brewing and Peoria Artisan. Whenever you're in town again, you are welcome for a drink and listening session if time permits.