What's in your glass?


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We imbibe a bit, and thus stick to a very strict “never before 5” rule.


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Reminds me of some golf tournaments I’d go on; shotgun start was 7am and yes, the grown up beverages were consumed early and often. It was always fun seeing the lushes act a fool by mid day. The water hazards didn't only attract little white balls.


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My wife and daughter are away, so Joe goes out to play. Me and the pup met my brother and his daughter for a bit of whiskey sampling at Motor City Gas Whiskey Distillery in Royal Oak, Michigan (Motor City Gas Goes From Grain-to-Glass to a Farm-to-Glass Operation).

Started out with an an Irish style whiskey and a bourbon whiskey aged in coffee been barrels. Liked the first, second was a bit too much coffee taste for my delicate palate. Then a distilled pale ale (tasted just like it sounds) and my favorite of the day, a bourbon with German imported spelt.






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Anyone try any of this stuff? (I’m sometimes a sucker for interesting marketing.) Sipping soon…

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Yes, thought the first few voyages were decent. Not sure the more recent batches are as good as the initial offerings. Still consider it above average and I tend to enjoy sea salt, so twist my arm with this one. Heard an interesting story about how it is made years ago. Not sure how factual it was, however as it was hearsay. Supposedly the whisky casks are placed on the deck of a cargo ship which is to cross the equator at least a few times. The cool nights and hot days cause the barrel staves to expand and contract as well as absorb the salinity of the ocean...