Where Can I Find Attractive Acoustic Panels?

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Looking to put some panels up behind my speakers, but as its in the living room, I don't want something that looks like I'm running a recording studio. Anyone have any recommendations?


+1. They were the guys that gave that set of panels to Ray Logan, after the Fest, that year. He said it was the best improvement in his system.
I just got some panels from GIK Acoustics myself--I needed diffusion/absorption panels. They have a lot of configurations, including something they call Acoustic Art--absorption panels with a large photo on them (either art from their catalog, or you can upload your own photo and they'll print it for the panel).

These are what I chose--they're 24"x24", 2" thick, four to a box. They took about 10 weeks to make.



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GIK acoustics...they can print just about anything on it you want. Lots of great looks on their web site. Going to be a customer some day if I can get my wife on board...
Pretty cool stuff there, thanks for sharing! If I decide not to make my own, I will definitely be ordering from there.
I need a few more panels to put on my back wall, but want absorption. Nothing big, just a few smaller panels. They have some hexagon panels in a 12" size that would be perfect. I priced out making my own with material I liked, and the cost really wasn't all that much more for the GIK panels. That and my time is scarce--it would probably take me several months to complete them.