Wonfor and ABCaudio


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Today I heard from Alan at ABCaudio, not what I expected but well worth getting.
He is feeling a lot better and is doing cable orders.

How we met

We met when I was the Tech Director and designer of another cable company and founder.
Alan was so enthusiastic about my SECA design and wanted to build a pair of Mono,s. To be a little different and to prove you can use IGBT (1200V/300A) we build well Alan made them 2 25W SECA, we became and still are good friends he called them "Brownian Motion" after a cup of tea!
When I was forced out due to greed and ill health from the other cable company Alan remained a good loyal friend and gave me massive support.
A old dear friend Alan Elsdon and I decided to continue the R&D work on amps and cables which proved to be bloody great fun and a good learning curve.
Poor A.E. became ill and we had to stop EWA as I could not do it myself.
This is the point where I remarried a old friend of 25yrs my Maria, Alan E. was best man and Alan B. came in orange shoes (style)
Also there was Howard P., Nic Poulson and a few others in the trade.

Now Alan B. was doing his own business as a Window cleaner a good solid job but full of dangers, and this time he fell, it scared me has he has a wonderful family with 3 great children.
So we chatted and as EWA cables were not being made because I had electronics to do he and I and our wives decided this was much safer route for Alan B. to go to.
So I supplied Alan with rolls of cable and the raw plastic a special mix designed by me to the value of excess £25K bought with money from the sale of my home in Somerset, to get him started. And it worked Alan had to get his first web site design working and we put amps and cable on it.
Sales went from strength to strength very quickly, the deal was and still is sales of amp I paid him a royalty and visa versa on cable sale only 10%. And it worked well I used the money to do more R&D on cables, DC Blockers and amps. Busy busy.

Covid came to visit.

Both our families suffered with this bloody bug and it has long term side effect as you are aware.
Me I went deaf in one ear now working but poor Alan had deep deap depression, and has not been truly well since.
I have offered many time until he got a lot better to stop R&D and build cable for you the customer but every time I was turned down, causing people to be more concerned and me included.
Poor contact with Alan has not helped, a bit, weeks on end no phone calls received or answered, this stressed me and you about ABCaudio and Alan.
With luck my dear friend I call him Bruv will find away back to the Alan we love.

So please be understanding and send him our best wishes and get well soon.

Best Col
Heart-warming stuff!

Two nice guys of the industry... and many of us have an empirical account to back-up that statement.

All the very best to you both, Colin!
Hi Guys sorry Geoff still alive.
Well the new kits are going well, it can be 5W SECA, 30W A/B, stereo mono balance or bridged 80W ,
Or mixed 5W seca sliding to 30W A/B.
It has been fun.