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Everyone has their slice of heaven, where creative wood or metal masterpieces are born. Where saw dust, metal shavings or solder are slung. Feel free to chip in some pictures of your space, along with tools or gadgets that help bring your works to life.


Next Round Is On Me
Definitely won’t be posting a pic in the industry future. My space is a mess! 😂
Mine is a ”work in progress”. Looking to pick up some lumber racks, additional shelves, a proper shop stereo and then I’ll post a couple pics. I’m just glad to have a space all to myself. Just finished cutting the walnut veneer for one of the subs and left the material on the bench to finish tomorrow.


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I don't make metal shavings or saw dust, but I do squirt electrons around. Here is proof.

4 14 15 Working 01 email.jpg 4 14 15 Working 02 email.JPG
4 14 15 Working 04 email.JPG

On one side of my lab is my computer pit (3 monitors and a gaming level tower). It is where I do my electronic design work, software coding, legal research and case analysis, and the mastering of my daily radio shows.

Computer pit.JPG

On the end is my storage.

2 24 2015 SW Corner 01.jpg

On the side opposite my computer pit is my restoration bench, where I turn old Pioneer audio gear into time machines.

2 24 2015 Workbench 03.JPG

2 24 2015 Workbench 01.jpg

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This is my little workspace in the basement right behind my listening room. Around 8 x 8


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It's not pretty... but it sounds great!


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My "workspace" for now is the kitchen table, at least for electronics and "small things." My work desk is in the family room with a widescreen 21:9 monitor, where I spent way too much time today doing server/security things that gave me a headache. (Nothing like being awoken after a couple hours of sleep with frantic "we've been hacked!" messages.)

My magical touch on cars? No way I'm posting that. I finally got a rolling tool cabinet for the garage, only said garage is about 2/3 storage of boxes and outdoor things I'm not using, and the other third is the tool chest, bikes and lawn equipment. It's only a 1½ car garage, and a jam-packed mess. We were supposed to be here only a couple of years and we just passed the 10 year mark last month. My next place is going to need a big enough garage for all of my tools, bikes and lawn equipment, and a lot of room to work on a car even in the cooler/wetter months (depending where we relocate to). And a spot in the basement I can set up a workbench to work on some of these other projects of mine. I'm tired of living out of boxes.
Been there.
My grandfather built all of his Heathkits at the kitchen table. He built an elaborate cardboard stand, with the corrugations opening upward on a second piece of cardboard glued to the first, in which he would insert all of the components like resistors, caps, etc. And since it was like a tray, he could pick it up and move it when my grandmother would chase him from the table at dinnertime. 😁


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I just have to ask if your patient lived....
What were you working on?

The owner sold it before I could finish. It was a water damaged mess, but I got it to the point of diagnosing why the Z80 micro that ran it was halting after every instruction. Bummer too - really wanted to see it come back to life. Double bummer, the owner screwed me out of payment.

It was a prototype Technics SL-P50P.
Multi-purpose space.


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I've been working to organize parts the last six months, and I'm finally ~60% through. As most people do, when I place orders, I usually order extra - you know, save shipping costs. I could've paid for a LOT of shipping.


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Holy smokes JP.
That's getting organised, I am envious.
The older I get the less organized I have become, not a hoarder by any means but just don't want to take my audio junk and parts that live on a shelf in a closet it disarray.