Your Top 5 Ladies to spend an evening listening to music with.

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As many hobbyists do, I do like the idea of sharing my passion with others. Creating that perfect environment that only my hobby allows for me, and then seeing how others react to it. I was mulling over this morning what ladies I'd like to introduce to my ideal system, and spend an evening listening to great music with them.

I came up with 5, but I am sure that I could come up with so many more. So anyone goes, past or present, alive or dead, EXCEPT your wife/significant other!

In no particular order:

1) Grace Kelly - Sure call it the Hollywood romantic in me, but spending an evening playing music, sipping cocktails and chatting into the wee hours of the morning with the lovely miss Kelly seems about as perfect a way to spend some time.

2) Audrey Hepburn - Again of the same era, and again exuding class, style and sophistication. She always impressed me as intelligent and just plain interesting. I'd love to hear what she says, and I'd love to watch her saying it.

3) Ella Fitzgerald - In my opinion, the best pop singer of the 20th century, and a woman who had more ups and downs, more joy and heartache, then most people would do in 10 lifetimes. I'd love to play her musical choices too, and hear why she loves what she does.

4) Amelia Earhart - Just because. I can't imagine the sheer strength of this woman, do what she did, when she did it.

5) Margaret Thatcher - I can imagine spinning lots of Elgar, and ending the night with Jerusalem. But again, the stories she must have. I got was with her at Harrods in 1993, but I still regret that I never had the opportunity to really sit down and chat.

6) Queen Elizabeth - I'm an unabashed Monarchist, so this would be a treat for me. I'd have a million questions for her, and I bet all the answers would blow me away.

7) Marilyn Monroe - Just because she is Marilyn.

8) Katherine Hepburn - Can you tell I am drawn to strong women? Old Hollywood at it's best.

9) Coco Chanel - Another incredible life story, and another strong woman of exquisite taste.

10) Kim Campbell - Canada's first female Prime Minister, and just an incredibly fun lady. I had a chance some years ago to spend some time with her, and she was an absolute blast. Smart, sharp and witty.

Ok, so my 5 turned into 10.

Who would you guys pick? (I can already see the votes coming for Billie Holliday!)

Bonus points for listing the system you would use.


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Maria Callas
Audrey Hepburn
Hedy Lamarr
Ronnie Spector
Debbie Harry

Just off the top of my head. I think they'd all have great stories to tell, and were much more than just pretty faces.

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JohnVF;n49261 said:
Maria Callas
Audrey Hepburn
Hedy Lamarr
Ronnie Spector
Debbie Harry

Just off the top of my head. I think they'd all have great stories to tell, and were much more than just pretty faces.

I had considered Maria Callas and in particular, Hedy Lamarr. You gotta love a woman who is not just as beautiful as she is, but also can invent guidance systems for torpedoes, the technology of which is still in use today in cell phones and bluetooth.



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I´ll expand it to 10:

Sophia Loren
Ornella Muti
Brigitte Bardot
Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Charlotte Rampling
Liliana Cavani
Lina Wertmüler
JoAnn Falletta
Martha Argerich
Catherine Deneuve

I´ve picked all the names based on their personalities, character and cleverness. Beauty helps, but it doesn´t make a woman fascinating by itself. My list includes 6 actresses, 2 movie directors and 2 musicians.


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I'll keep it musical . . .

Alicia de Larrocha
June Tabor
Susan Werner
Betty Carter
Sandy Denny

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Dolly Parton
Simone Simmons
Heike Laughans
Skin Diamond
Lena Scissorhands
Tracy Chapman
Christina Milan
Morgan James
Mariah Carey


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Marin Alsop
Angela Hewitt
Nadia Boulanger
Arlene Francis
Penelope Cruz
Mitsuko Uchida
Laurie Anderson
Salma Hayek
Meredith Monk
Padma Lakshmi


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I'm going to go list with some wonderful Canadian singers first:
Teresa Stratas
Maureen Forrester ('cause she has always been SO funny)
Lois Marshall
Holly Cole
Eleanor James (great mezzo, an old girlfriend... great taste in music and one of the most intelligent people I've met)

Now to go with a wider list:
Jaqueline Du Pré
Nina Simone
Lara St. John (great Canadian violinist and a hoot)
Catherine Manoukian (another great Canadian violinist.... I suspect we'd be drinking scotch while listening)
I'll throw in Laurie Anderson as the last just because she would be fascinating.


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This is an interesting topic. And your list is very diverse. Audrey Hepburn would probably make me trip over myself and land slap bang onto my turntable and I'd probably electrocute myself with the tube amps as I would not be looking at what I am supposed to be looking at. So she could come over provided she operates the stereo. So this could be dangerous.

I could give you the list of the famous intellectual types but honestly I'd want to have fun and so heads of state and politicians are out. I want to have a laugh and play some tunes and relax. Gilda Radner, Nicole Sullivan, Carol Kane, Carol Burnett, Tracey Ullman types. (That's five).

Or I could go with singers - tough call: Sade, Sarah McLachlan (support your Canadians), Eva Cassidy (because if there is anyone I want to resurrect), Lady Gaga (why not she's darn adorable), and Sia --- why these? Because no one will mention these - everyone always says Nina Simone, Ella, Callas - sure great singers - modern it up a little will-ya.

And then for just my picks to satisfy my lizard brain in their heyday : Kristin Kreuk, Audrey Hepburn, Halley Berry, Salma Hayak, Adriana Lima