Zenith 49CZ852 pair

John Frum

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What can I say about these fantastic full-range drivers that hasn’t been said in this thread or this blog post?

This is a console-fresh pair with the great signature sound and cosmetics that put them in the middle of the pack as far as examples I’ve owned. They’re fairly nice, but there is slight discoloration and, on one, a pinhole in the surround.

I’d like to keep these “in the family” and am offering them here first. $150 & shipping.

I am not a duct tape person, but rather a super glue and shoe goo person. Does it affect sound? Sure. Does it affect sound to the point where someone could hear it? For something that small my gut feeling says very doubtful given my shoe goo fix (as is, I dunno, I would smear a small amount of shoe goo on and call it good). I would just put a small amount of shoe goo on my fingertip, smear in on and and fixed. Ive fixed worse "surround tears" with shoe goo and could not tell.

Feel free to laugh but I loooooooooove my shoe goo!!! Perhaps someone has a better suggestion of something to seal it with? Or just leave as is?
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John Frum

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I don’t think the pinhole noticeably affects sound, and for something this minor in a driver that’s so lightweight and likely destined to be mounted on an open baffle, I have a hard time believing the repair wouldn’t be more detrimental than the hole. Anything tried would have to be extremely minimalist, and I leave it to the next owner to make that decision.
I did not realize this was for open baffle application (like my Carver Amazing Silver MK4 with 3 built-in 12" open baffle stereo subs). For something like that I would not be neaaaarly as concerned. Me personally I love my shoe goo and would still smear a small thin layer on. But left as-is in open baffle application I would think the effect would be negligible/unimportant (it still can move 99.9999% of the air or something like that). If it was for a sealed speakers application then I would be more concerned.
A piece of cigarette paper and some thinned wood glew would work well.
I would not be too worried about that hole on these drivers as stated do to the light paper cones.