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Hi William,
I'm interested in trying a new phono preamp. The Millett LR sounds promising, unfortunately I have no DIY skills. I live in Los Angeles. Would you have interest in building one for me? BTW, for a moving coil cartridge with output ~0.4 mV, would one need to use an SUT or pre-preamp with the Millett LR?
Kind regards,

I just joined the forum and I have read your messages regarding the mastering lab crossover. I am building one, but I have a question about it, may be you can help me. Do you know how is connected the tapped inductor 1,5 mh. ? there are two drawings with 2 different connections

Thanks for your help.

in fact I expressed myself badly with my bad English. on the 1.5 uf choke there are 3 wires. I just want to know where the output wire closest to the intermediate output wire is connected. is it with the 20 ohms and the 2,3 uf uf or with the 20 ohms and the 0,125 mh inductor ? thanks for your patience.
By 'intermediate output wire' do you mean the 0.15mH tap? If so, I'll have to crack open the crossover and trace the circuit.
yes the intermediate output is the 0,15 tap. because we can follow the circuit on the picture but not for this inductor.