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bro, I have about 5 meters, come get one! I assumed you would have hopped on Amazon ( or anywhere ) and picked one up for $10. You can look through my NOS caps and resistors for parts too.
I have some octal Aikido mono PC boards which I had made from design files posted on DIYaudio. If you'd like a pair I'll send them for shipping. They are the audio circuit only and will need a power supply of your choice. The Neurochrom reg is great, I've used them but the Aikido just need a good supply.
I'm sorry it seems that you or someone moved or deleted I subject that I posted in reference to a pair of Tannoy Arden speakers. Have I done something wrong? I thought I posted in the area that seemed to most closely match the subject?

That might have been because of my input. You had two of the exact same posts. Neither was in the sales area. I believe you do not have enough posts to even participate in the sales area. Nothing against you, but we have had issues with spammers.

Cool looking speakers, BTW.
S0und Dragon
S0und Dragon
It was exactly that. You should have also received a notification to contact me directly. I should have specified private message as opposed to direct chat. Let me know what exactly you are trying for and we can see about getting things set up in proper order.
Hey Trieu, Do you have any interest in my Altec 803A woofers that I have for sale. They are a match for the 802D's.

Thanks for asking. No, not looking to build an all Altec systems. Just need different CDs to play around.