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Hi Shooter. Dennis Nagle here. Are you in ABQ or Santa Fe? Hoping we can all get together after this is over.
Hi Dennis, I am in Santa Fe. Waiting for my vaccine shots!
Hi, I am sorry to bother you, but I have a Node 2 that has failed thanks to the PSU capacitors. Would it be possible for you to send me the list of the parts you have used to fix the PSU? I would like to try to repair it.
Thanks and Happy New Year. Marco
yes I have 6 capacitors leaking, it is very difficult to see the spec of the capacitors in the Node as the writing is hidden by other components. the only numbers I can see is the temperature rating -40 to 105.
Wow 6! That's impressively bad.
yes practically half of the capacitors are gone, somebody wrote to me that ksc are notoriously poor....
Couldn't somebody impose contact restrictions to SARS-CoV-2 virus itself, to make it keep a 1.5 meters social distance from all of us?
Bill, the TT-71 is starting to make a noise while on that it didn't do before. Where would you recommend that I send it to be refurbished?

Thanks, Mark
Since The Needle Doctor went out of business I don't know where I can find a replacement for my old flip needle (45/33 and 78 RPM) for my ancient (It still works fine) National/Panasonic the last one I had was a BSR 2424DS. Is there anywhere I can get a comparable replacement?
Hello Catcher 10,

I see you are also from the Great PNW. Whidbey Island is home for me. It might be nice to chat sometime, if you've got a mind to.

Best regards,
Hi Salectric,
I've been following and reading your post for Jensen p15LL and 32B Horn for several months. I'm collecting those Jensen P15LL, 32B and finally altec 802C they are on the way to my home, Thailand.

Could you please kindly give me some lights or provide cabinet construction and crossover. I read about your post on type of capacitor on each spot and also choke.

Dear Richard,

i also read your post about an cobra amp. Well after launch of this amp from an. İ am really excited to have your comments how capable this amp is.

well i would like to use this amp with orangutan 93 speaker, any comments would be great.

Thanks in advance
Richard Austen
Richard Austen
I have not heard it yet. may not for quite awhile with COVID. The O/93 is easy to drive so it will be no problem for an 8 watt amp let alone ones that are near 30 watts. If the price of the Cobra is pushing $5k - I would look at the OTO SE and SORO SE (depending on taste) - which I believe start less expensive but offer no remote or on board DAC.
Hello Woody,

Do you still have Werner Jagusch Crossover Networks hooked up on your speakers? How do you like WJ crossover Network work system? I am trying to buy from WJ at ebay.
I am trying to reach Dave (HiFiNut) who bought the Altec speakers from me a while back.......I lost my contact info -and could not reach him......I have been to Reno twice -and wanted to hook up with him.......I also tried to write him directly here on HiFi Haven (but can't seem to access writing to him)......
A sixty something English bloke, divorced, 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Interested in burning sacd to dsd via Sony bluray! Interested in history, photography, music and muzack, going to Belgium on an annual visit to the beer heaven that Belgium really is, seeking out cheap hi fi from charity shops/ thrift stores ( Sony PS-X4 turntable for £30 latest purchase).
I had a very flaky start the other day so gave up starting again from fresh today. I have now ripped 5, yes 5 discs without problems! Incredibly grateful for the vast amount of knowledge on this forum. I never got my PS3 working ripping discs so I think I'll stick to the bluray method now that it seems to just work. I am using the Sony BDP S390.
Oh yes it will just work, the only thing to note is you likely need to power cycle the machine every 7-8 rips due to what appears to be a memory leak in the .exe (we think). This means about 7-8 rips in the process will quit working, however it's not a big deal, just power cycle the machine and read in the AutoScript again. Then resume ripping (noting any potential change to the IP address issued by your router).
Exactly right on both counts! I've set the s390 to autoset the ip address so now I make sure to check ip settings after each power cycle. I got to 8 rips today without problems but the 9th gave me an error - either ping failure or unable to access drive. Onwards and upwards!