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A sixty something English bloke, divorced, 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Interested in burning sacd to dsd via Sony bluray! Interested in history, photography, music and muzack, going to Belgium on an annual visit to the beer heaven that Belgium really is, seeking out cheap hi fi from charity shops/ thrift stores ( Sony PS-X4 turntable for £30 latest purchase).
Welcome, we'll have those SACDs ripped to DSD files in short order!
DS 2000 has lots of ass kicking equipment. I don't know what that avatar is, but it's not an M22. (Ah has three of em) It is some other kewl thing.
It's funny you should ask that. Immediately prior to seeing your post I was thinking about an avatar and I was thinking about using my yamaha beryllium domes. But an M22 would be good too. {;o)
It’s an Onkyo M-510 with the top grate off.
welcome. is your avatar the pioneer m-22 amp?
It’s the insides of an Onkyo M-510.
In middle of conversation with MikeyFresh, spam filter kicked in. Is it possible to unblock so we can continue? Thanks!
Hi Eric, Maria and I are planning soon to see a bit of Canada, and to meet my long lost Cousin Judith, she live 20mins from Niagara Falls. How far are you from there and maybe I could take you out and any of the other lads for a meal.
I am Denis from France. I have been in technics and music since early 70's . Starting with LP, Quad Lp I haD made my own SQ en QS decoders and I had a CD4 turntable.
Turn to CD and SACD latter I am now full HD digital music as HD and UHD video
Too many projects at once... currently a new phonostage (a DHT-Rob design) & a 2-way Altec 32-based speaker (finally going stereo).