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Too many projects at once... currently a new phonostage (a DHT-Rob design) & a 2-way Altec 32-based speaker (finally going stereo).
Steve, I would like to know your final opinion on the Gustard x22. I see your selling it. I have read Dac reviews for last two years. I am using a sml m8 DAC with Rogue Audio Sphinx and Kef Ls50. But I think a new Dac would help a little.. I am down to the x22 ,DENAFRIPS ARES, Holo Spring level1. Or just wait for newest flavor to come this fall. Thanks Z !
Sorry for the delayed reply. I haven't heard the Denafrips or the Holo, just my own and I can't say enough good about it. I would absolutely not hesitate recommending this DAC to anyone.
Hey Roscoe,
Thanks for contributing to the Altec 32 thread... good stuff. I have some info i would like to share w you but don't think its appropriate to do so publicly.

Maybe I'm missing your contact info here somewhere but would you mind sending me your email to: .


Doug, if you click on the members name it lets you start a personal conversation with them.